Clinique Bonus Back at

SOLD OUT We are back from our househunting trip and I am trying to slog through the over 700 emails in my inbox but this one I had to post for you guys right away. has released a few more of the Bonuses, while very limited supplies last with any $23.50 purchase you will receive free shipping and this free gift in your choice of nudes or violets:

This afternoon and tomorrow I will update as many offers as I can plus I will post pictures and complete details of the bonuses I missed while I was away. We did find a house and I am starting to get excited about moving to Yuma!

16 thoughts on “Clinique Bonus Back at

    • beautybonus says:

      I’m glad you got one! It looks like the Nudes eyeshadow is sold out but the Violets is still in stock. I am looking forward to living in AZ, it is so much closer to my family in CA plus no more hurricane season!


  1. Lisa Clemons says:

    You have a full plate! Glad you found a house, its always fun moving into a new house. Best of luck to you and your family!


    • beautybonus says:

      Yes, the next month will be so very busy! But it helps so much to know we have a house to move into and not temporary quarters while we keep looking. Thank you so much!


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