Hautelook and Nordstrom Fragrance Beauty Bag

Update: This is officially sold out. Today’s Pick on Hautelook is an exclusive Hautelook & Nordstrom Fragrance Beauty Bag for just $29 (Hautelook is owned by Nordstrom). This set includes a striped cosmetic bag and eleven deluxe fragrance minis valued at $120 and is available while supplies last.

Hautelook & Nordstrom Fragrance Bag

6 thoughts on “Hautelook and Nordstrom Fragrance Beauty Bag

  1. Hi there. Just thought I would pass along the info that the new, very pretty, Estee Lauder/Lily Pulitzer GWP at Bloomingdale’s started today online (and in stores on April 3rd). I’ve been waiting for this one, love the print on the bag! Keep up the great job 🙂


  2. And there were over 30 ladies ahead of me in line to pick up their pre order Clinique GWP at Macy’s on Tuesday Am (little did I know how many people were looking forward to this GWP) :)….from now on, I will do what I usually do-just follow your link and order online since i don’t need a consult….


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