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Hautelook Men’s Grooming Bag

SOLD OUT In case I don’t get to do a full post later today I wanted to put this up quickly in case it sells out. Hautelook is selling this Men’s Grooming Bag, a $150 value, for just $20 (plus tax and shipping). This is a great item to buy now and stash for the holidays!

7 thoughts on “Hautelook Men’s Grooming Bag

  1. Hi,
    I ordered 3 of these sets and today I received an email saying that my package has shipped but it says that that my package only weights 3 pounds. I hope they included all 3 sets!! Has anyone ordered 3 sets and can let me know how much her package weights?
    Thanks so much!!


  2. Grabbed six! Xmas for the men is done! Sorry I didn’t buy more of a Philosophy bag a few weeks back, but something will come up! Thank you for the alert!


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